If you have a day, you can even make a shmup.

"SmileBASIC 4" Programming Learning Materials

We have prepared some contents for beginners in programming.  With a little follow-up from an adult, even an elementary school student can understand them.  We hope you'll find them useful.

Another shortcut to improving your programming skill is "look at other people's programs and try to understand them".  With SmileBASIC 4, you can look at and tweak all the works uploaded to the server.  You can use a growing number of other SmileBASIC creators' works as examples to further your understanding.

Let's Try Programming

This is a series of videos on our YouTube channel.  The contents are based on the documents used in the "SmileBASIC 4" programming workshops.  You can enjoy programming from the basics, such as "making sounds" and "showing letters", through making action and shmups. (More videos will be added as they become available.)

"SmileBASIC 4" Programming Workshop Documents

These are the materials used in the "SmileBASIC 4" programming workshop.  In "Programming for the First Time", you'll learn simple things like making sounds and showing letters, as well as gradually building up to a simple action game to help you understand what the program is all about.  "Program Modification" will help you understand how the game is built by gradually adding programs to just the base of the action game.


"SmileBASIC 4" Beginner's Guide

This is the continuation of the "Beginner's Guide" found within "SmileBASIC 4".  Doc, Clever, Ray, and Bart, who have been active in the "SmileBASIC" series, appear in this text-based contents to learn programming in a fun way.


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