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Basic Specification

Maximum Usable Memory Capacity


Maximum Number of Program Lines

999999 Lines

Maximum Program Size

2MB (1048576 characters)

Character Code

UTF-16(BMP only)

Character Types

Numbers, alphabets, hiragana, katakana, Latin special characters, Russian characters, Greek characters, unique symbols (uses UNICODE private area)

Data Types

Int. type, Real type, string type, each array type (Int. array type, Real array type, string array type)

Int. Type

Signed 32-bit Int. (-2147483648 to 2147483647) In addition to decimal notation, hexadecimal notation (&H) and binary notation (&B) are possible.

Real Type

IEEE754 double precision Real

String Type

Size changeable. 2 bytes per character, maximum length depends on available memory

Array Type

Up to 4D arrays can be created. Maximum number of elements depends on available memory

File Types

TXT (string data), DAT (numerical array data), GRP (image data)

Maximum File Size

16MB (This size is after compression. DAT and GRP are automatically compressed when they're saved.)


File management unit. Files are always stored in a project.

Maximum Project Size

There are no restrictions on save data. Server upload up to 20MB

Maximum Size of Save Data Area

64MB to 512MB

Supported Input Device


You can set the main way of holding in the handheld mode and TV mode. All buttons except + and - buttons can be used. Motion sensor, HD vibration and motion IR camera can be used

Nintendo Switch™ Pro Controller

You can use it like Joy-Con™. All buttons except + and - buttons can be used. Motion sensor and HD vibration can be used.


Piano, House, Fishing Rod, Motorbike and Robot can be used.

USB Keyboard

USB keyboards which are connectable to Nintendo Switch™. However, we don't support Hangul, Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese keyboards.

USB Mouse

5 buttons, 1 wheel can be recognized

About Display

Screen Resolution

Horizontal: 128 to 1280 pixels, Vertical: 128 to 720 pixels. The startup resolution is 400x240 pixels.

Number of Colors

32-bit color (RGB 16.77 million colors + 256 alpha channels)

Screen Elements

Graphic pages, text screens, sprites and layers

Graphic Pages

2048x2048 pixels, 32-bit color, 5 pages from 0 to 5 available. 5 is reserved as the page for storing font data of the text screen.

Special Graphic Page

A special page is -1. It cannot be written. Always returns white (&HFFFFFFFF) regardless of reference position.

Graphic Drawings

Point, line, circle, arc, rectangle, fill, write characters and copy

Text Screens

5 sheets of 0-4 can be used. 4 is reserved as BASIC console. Any size can be specified if horizontal*vertical is 32768 or less. Parallel translation, rotation and scaling are possible. User defined character area (&HE800 to &HF7FF) can be mapped to any graphic page.


Up to 4096 sheets. 4095 is reserved for graphic display. Any graphic page can be mapped for each sprite. Parallel translation, rotation and scaling are possible. Translucent composition and additive composition are possible.


Up to eight. Clipping, coordinate transformation, filtering, and special composition are possible for each layer. Text screens and sprites can belong to any layer in units of one sheet.

Layer Coordinate Transformation

Any 4x4 matrix or 2D affine transformation matrix can be set as the transformation matrix.

Layer Filter

Mosaic, blur, color conversion and raster transformation (horizontal/vertical)

Special Composition

Multiplication with specific color, additive composition with a layer below, multiplication composition

Display Priority

-4095 to 4095 for each layer. The smaller one is displayed in front. Layers with smaller numbers are displayed in front.


Maximum Number of Utterances


Preset SE

156 types + 128 BGM sound sources

Preset BGM

46 types

Maximum BGM Track


Preset BGM Tones

128 types + 21 drum sets

User Defined Tones

Up to 32 types can be defined. Maximum waveform size depends on available memory.

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