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You can easily enjoy programming with Nintendo Switch™!

You can make games! You can play games! "SmileBASIC 4"

Now, are you ready to become a "SmileBASIC creator"?


Games such as shmups, action, puzzle, role-playing, etc.  Tools such as drawing tools, music composition tools, and programming support tools.  From novels that simply display text, to image collections of your own drawings, to calculators.  It fully supports Touch Screen and Joy-Con™ functions, and can even use Toy-Con™.

With "SmileBASIC 4", you can make anything you want on your Nintendo Switch™!

Nintendo Switch™ is the perfect device to take with you and show your work to your friends!  
In addition, you can upload your work to the server so that your friends and family far away who have "SmileBASIC 4" can enjoy your work.  The server is global, so you can share your work with other "SmileBASIC 4" users around the world!

We also hold unique programming contests on an irregular basis, so please finish your work and submit it to us!

*By using a Server Ticket (sold separately), you will be able to reserve upload slots for 10 works.

The number of submissions has already exceeded 2,000! (As of August 1, 2022)  You can download and enjoy the works of users from all over the world that are uploaded to the server every day.

*All works can be downloaded freely, but with the exception of a few works, downloads are limited to once every eight hours.  However, with one Server Ticket (sold separately), you will be able to download an unlimited number of works.


You can make your own works by programming with "SmileBASIC" built into "SmileBASIC 4".

SmileBASIC was originally designed as a programming language for teaching programming, but it has been completely refined to provide a structure for learning modern programming while maintaining the ease of understanding of BASIC.  Taking advantage of the power of Nintendo Switch™, processing is fast and powerful.

It also comes with graphics and sound data, as well as drawing tools, so you can start making things right away!

This is the editor screen where you input your program.  It also supports USB keyboard and mouse, so you can connect your Nintendo Switch™ to a TV or monitor and operate it like a computer.

It contains a lot of picture and sound data, as well as a drawing tool.

You can also use a variety of tools created by other users that are available on the server.


With "SmileBASIC 4", you will think "Programming is surprisingly easy!"

With the Beginner's Guide and videos from the YouTube channel, you will be able to make a simple shmup in a day.  Moreover, you can view and use the contents of the programs published on the server as much as you want. You can look at the programs of your favorite works and modify some of them to try them out.  In fact, elementary school students are enjoying programming at the "SmileBASIC 4" workshops!

Would you like to achieve "programming" skills? 


You can make with it, play with it and learn from it.

It's a lot of fun to bring your ideas to life.

We are developing "SmileBASIC 4" in the hope that many people will be able to experience the fun of it.


Also, "SmileBASIC 4" is a great tool as a gateway to full-fledged programming.
Instead of using an expensive computer, you can enjoy and learn programming using an easy and safe computer = game console.


And you can share your works to your friends and people around the world to enjoy them, or vice-versa, you can enjoy everyone's works.

You can try programming right away on your console at home!

Let's get started, shall we?


Title: SmileBASIC 4 [ Release Date: May 23, 2019 ]

Price: :$29.99 / €26.99

  (including tax, with one Server Ticket)

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