From beginners to experts, "SmileBASIC 4" is a tool that you can enjoy game programming.

"SmileBASIC 4", you can enjoy programming casually with Nintendo Switch.   A fast programming language, a convenient programming environment, many materials, and users' programs all over the world which you can play and use freely, these are the strong points of "SmileBASIC 4".


Would you like to be one of the "SmileBASIC Creators"?

Fast, strong and easy programming language "SmileBASIC Ver.4"

"SmileBASIC 4" has been loaded with "SmileBASIC Ver.4".  SmileBoom has evolved "BASIC", the historical programming language, to "SmileBASIC Ver.4" for game developing.

"SmileBASIC Ver.3", which is implemented in "SmileBASIC" currently on sale for Nintendo 3DS, has been highly evaluated by top game creators as an introductory programming language, but the new version is more powerful.

Processing speed is more than 10 times of the Ver.3!

It is faster and more powerful, but more user-friendly and easier to use.

Release the created game to the server.  

Download and play the published games.

You can download many games and tools (more than 700 as of November 2019) which were released by SmileBASIC creators all over the world.

Not only you can play the downloaded works, you can also look at the source code and use them as references for creating programs.

Moreover, if you purchase a Server Ticket (sold separately), your games can be uploaded on the server for other SmileBASIC users in the world to play.

It's reliable for programming beginners.

"SmileBASIC Ver.4" is made to be a convenient language more than "BASIC", which was originally thought to be easy to understand.

In addition, from how to use the keyboard, how to input and execute programs, and the beginning of programming, a beginner's guide, a command reference, a help function, and sample code are also prepared for fun learning.
If you download another users' works, you can view the source code or rewrite them to try them out.


In "SmileBASIC 4", the programming environment is ready for beginners to work on.


Many materials and various tools

It includes many images, sound effects, BGM, and other materials that can be used to create various types of games.  Even if you don't have an artistic taste or a music taste, you can instantly create games you came up with.

It also includes tools for creating picture materials and animation data, tools for playing back and checking various materials, and a programming editor with command input support to help your programming.

USB keyboard and mouse support

Just connect a commercially available USB keyboard and mouse to Nintendo Switch dock, and you can enjoy full-scale programming in the TV mode.  In the handheld mode, you can program only with Nintendo Switch console by using the touch screen and Joy-Con.  (A keyboard and a mouse can be used with connecting a USB hub even in the handheld mode.)

Full support for Joy-Con features

It fully supports the distinctive features of Nintendo Switch's Joy-Con.

It supports not only sharing play, but also motion sensors, IR Motion Camera, and HD rumble.

Toy-Con Support

It supports Toy-Con of Nintendo Labo™. There are special commands for Piano, House, Fishing Rod, Motorbike, Robot, Car, Plane and Submarine. You can easily challenge new ways of play using various Toy-Con.


(Toy-Con supports for other than the above are currently undecided.)

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Title: SmileBASIC 4

Release Date: May 23, 2019

Price: $29.99 USD €26.99 EUR

   (including tax, with one Server Ticket)


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