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Made with SmileBASIC

Made with SmileBASIC

​ Commercialize user works
The public key can be used with SmileBASIC4.
Since the specifications have been reviewed and commercialized based on the published work, the contents are different from those of the commercial version.
The works selected by SmileBoom will be sold
as individual products.
A product that jumps out from a small computer
and spreads all over the world.

Shinya Ichizoku

​ In order to protect Hokkaido from aliens,
a competition for local gourmet food begins!?

I ended up making this after losing a competition with a local late night program staff in Hokkaido.

The first commercialization using "Petit Computer 4 SmileBasic"!

画像 (6).png
画像 (3).png
画像 (5).png
画像 (3).png

The local gourmet food we collected
It will be collected!

Touring local gourmet food in Hokkaido,
A big battle for the competition!

After the battle
Feel like sightseeing while visiting Hokkaido's famous spots!

Matsukeke BURST!

Connect and erase blocks to win the "Matsukeke" battle!

A new type of falling object puzzle where you connect lines drawn on panels to create large and small loops and erase them!
Create a bigger loop faster than your opponent and activate your skills!
We will compete by sending each other's panels. 

画像 (6).png

“Matsukeke” battle between unique characters!


Spin and connect the blocks to create a “loop”!

Quickly create a loop, collect power and activate skills!

A story mode with a total of 9 playable characters!

In gallery mode
You can also color!


Activate "OLLLO" to manipulate space
and open the closed path!

Advance by making full use of the screen loop created by the special ability "OLLLO",
A new sensation puzzle-type side-scrolling action game!
Whether you can clear it or not depends on your ethics and inspiration.

画像 (6).png
Screen1 1.jpg
Screen2 1.jpg
Screen4 1.jpg
Screen3 1.jpg

When the special ability "OLLLO" is activated
the top, bottom, left and right sides of the screen are connected the screen edges.

The left and right loops allow you to go behind the wall or climb unclimbable scaffolds with the up and down loops.
to climb to scaffolds at unclimbable heights,
The usage of the ability is diverse.
Think carefully about how to reach the goal as you advance!

Over 70 stages! Use your ingenuity to overcome various mechanisms and aim for the goal!

Aiming for commercialization
To all SmileBASIC4 authors

Thank you for using SmileBASIC4.
Regarding the commercialization of user works, we are proceeding with selection based on Smile Boom's own criteria.
Therefore, even if we receive a request for commercialization, we may not be able to comply with your request.

Thank you for your understanding.

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