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Some people may have some concerns about "programming on a game console".
We've prepared this Q&A to help answer those questions.
Please take a look at it for reference.


Since 2011, the "SmileBASIC" series has been popular with many programmers, game creators, and children as "authentic console-based programming software".
people are coming into the video game industry who say that their first programming experience is "SmileBASIC".

In Japan, we have held programming workshops for elementary school students in response to requests from game industry organizations and educators around the country.
People are surprised that they've never seen a workshop that gets kids so enthusiastic, and
"SmileBASIC 4"is recognized as the best software for introductory programming environment.


Scratch is fun to learn, just like playing with blocks, and it's a great way to learn how to think like a programmer. However, if you want to make a proper software or application..., you'll realize that Scratch has its limitations.

The actual development of software requires the creation of source code by text coding, which is a method of inputting text on the "black screen". 

Of course, we use text coding in "SmileBASIC 4". The programming language we use, SmileBASIC, is a modern version of BASIC, which was originally created for educational purposes and was once very popular in the world of commercial applications.

The environment of "SmileBASIC 4" allows you to create useful applications and game software using an easy-to-understand programming language designed for educational purposes and text coding.


Isn't it best to learn any kind of lesson in an environment that you are familiar with and easy to understand?

Game consoles are designed to be easy to understand for everyone to use, and they are familiar to children.
it's also a powerful computer that can run the latest games.
In addition, the environment is safe and free from malicious viruses.
Game consoles are not only good for playing, but they are also a great learning environment.

When your children learn to program, the first thing they want to do is to create a game, don't you think?  A game console is exactly what you play games on, and it's the perfect environment for creating games.

And with the Nintendo Switch™, they can take their creations to their friends and family and have them immediately praise and comment on them.
There's no question that getting feedback on something you've created is a great way to motivate your creativity.

Motivation is an important part of learning.
Game consoles are an excellent environment for this purpose.


All you absolutely need is "SmileBASIC 4" and Nintendo Switch™.
"SmileBASIC 4" includes a software keyboard and text editor, as well as graphics and sound data, so you can get right into programming.


A USB keyboard and mouse can also be connected to the Nintendo Switch™ dock to make it easier to use the TV screen as a monitor.
It would be helpful to prepare a keyboard and mouse, even if they are inexpensive, to make learning easier.


The Beginner's Guide menu is available in "SmileBASIC 4".

You can also check out the documents we use in our programming workshops and the lesson videos we made based on those documents for free.


Plus, if you watch the lesson videos we have posted, you can make a shoot 'em up in a day.


In the same way that you can't make progress in learning how to write letters and words with a poor use of a pencil, if you're not good at typing, it's hard to make progress in the programming process itself and you tend to lose motivation.

If your children seem nervous about typing on the keyboard, we recommend introducing typing practice sooner rather than later.

It is important to use the above mentioned materials and, at the same time, use typing practice games to familiarize themselves with the keyboard so as not to make them hate programming.

Typing is useful in a variety of situations, so we encourage them to learn it.


Although most of the program learning software for children is graphical interface with panels, in the actual development of apps and games, text-based program input is the standard.

"SmileBASIC 4" was created by me, a professional programmer, as a "first environment to learn programming skills for the real world".

Ten years after the first version of the software was released, we've heard stories of kids who learned to program with "SmileBASIC" and started working for game development companies.

"SmileBASIC", where you can learn to program with a theme as familiar as a game, will definitely help your children learn how to survive in the future society that places importance on programming skills!



The CEO of SmileBoom Company: Takaki Kobayashi


You can try programming right away on your console at home!

Let's get started, shall we?


Title: SmileBASIC 4

Release Date: May 23, 2019

Price: Price: :$29.99 / €26.99

​         (including tax, with one Server Ticket)

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