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A dream festival where SmileBASIC creators from around the world can compete for the honor of their works, we will host the "SmileBASIC Oogiri World Grand Prix"!

Use your own interpretation of the "theme" and submit your work based on it.

The Theme of this Contest: "Smile"

We look forward to receiving works that makes us say like:
"This is a smile!", "This one makes us smile!" and "This is definitely a smile too!"

The important thing in this Oogiri is that originality, humor and fun of the work.


This is a commemorative contest for the 10th anniversary of the "SmileBASIC" series.
Whether you are a long-time expert since the original SmileBASIC or a beginner who started out in SmileBASIC 4, feel free to join us.


Each Prize

"Oogiri Grand Prize," "Special Jury Prize," "Gold Prize," "Silver Prize," "Bronze Prize," and "Young Lion Prize (*)"


* This prize is intended for those who have started programming in SmileBASIC 4.
If this applies to you, please put the "Freshman" tag on your entry. (Note that even with this tag, your work will be considered for prizes other than the Young Lion Prize.)
Any entries found to have been submitted with this tag that do not meet the " Young Lion Prize" criteria will be removed from the selection process for each prize.


The Grand Prize

"Hokkaido Sweets Monthly Package"
 Sweets are a source of smiles! We will periodically (for one year) send you assortments of sweets from Hokkaido, Japan, the home of many famous confections.

 Furthermore, there are also gifts for each prize.


* The timing of delivery will be decided upon consultation at the time of winning the grand prize. Also, if you have any sweets that you do not like, please inform us.


Special July

Toru_ Furuya.jpg

Mr. Toru Furuya

Mr. Furuya has appeared in a number of famous Japanese animated films, including "Mobile Suit Gundam" as Amuro Ray, "Detective Conan" as Toru Amuro, "Sailor Moon" as Mamoru Chiba/Tuxedo Mask, and "One Piece" as Sabo.  In fact, he is one of the best "programming experts" in the voice actor world.  Even, he has written a series of articles for a PC magazine, created his own official website, and has even programmed games using BASIC!   We welcome Mr. Furuya as a special jury!


Selection Process

Entries that meet the entry requirements will be strictly evaluated by the CEO of SmileBoom, SmileBASIC 4 representatives and special judges to determine the winners.


* Depending on the judging results, there may be no relevant work for each prize.
* Special judges may be added.

Rules for entering the "SmileBASIC 4 Oogiri World Grand Prix"

 If you are under 18, you must get permission from your parent or legal guardian to submit a work for the contest.

 If you are selected for an award, we may deliver communications or prizes to your house, so you must ask your  

 parent or legal guardian to read this page and allow you to submit a work beforehand.

 If your parent or legal guardian does not allow you to enter the contest, please continue practicing and wait for  

 another opportunity to compete.

 If you are under 18

Please read the rules for entering below and the agreement before submitting a work for the "SmileBASIC 4 Oogiri World Grand Prix." By submitting a work to the "SmileBASIC 4 Oogiri World Grand Prix" you indicate that you consent to all the terms and conditions given below.

Contest details

Contest period: 12:00 p.m. December 24, 2020 (JST) to 17:59 p.m. March 1, 2021 (JST)

(No modifications will be accepted after the deadline.)

Contest theme

​ ”Smile”

Eligibility for submissions

There are no restrictions on age, occupation, or anything else. Anyone can enter the contest. We also accept submissions from professionals and from individuals with professional-grade skills.

(As noted above, you must get permission from your parent or legal guardian before submitting a work if you are under 18)

Details on submissions

1. You may only submit a work created with the "SmileBASIC 4" software for Nintendo Switch™.

2. Create and submit a work that follows the theme of the contest in some way. You are free to interpret this theme in any way you like.


3. All submissions must be previously unpublished*, and must be original creations produced by the person entering the contest.

4. Each person may submit multiple works.


5. If the map or structure of the game has multiple stages or secret stages, please implement an invincibility command or a similar feature so that others can see the entire work from start to finish.


6. If the work features images, sounds, or other assets that are used with permission from another person, please indicate the name of each asset provider somewhere inside the work.


7. Submissions will be disqualified if SmileBoom decides that they are unsuitable for publishing to a general audience, such as if they defame a third party, if they infringe on copyright, or if they violate public order, morals, laws, or any other regulations.

8. The person submitting the work is responsible for any issues related to copyright infringement or illegality. SmileBoom will not bear any responsibility for works that result in issues of any kind. Please note that SmileBoom will not respond to any inquiries regarding infringement of the rights of third parties, or any inquiries regarding illegality.

*Work that the creator has posted on a personal blog or on social media services such as Twitter and YouTube is deemed to be "previously unpublished work" for the sake of this contest. Also, if you have previously created and published a work through "SmileBASIC 4”.

Important information (read before entering)

1. Once you have submitted a work for the contest, images or videos of the work, or even the work itself may be published on SmileBoom's social media accounts and official website (including its Twitter account and YouTube channel), within "SmileBASIC 4" or in other forms of media owned by companies specified by SmileBoom, regardless of whether the work in question is selected for an award.

2. Once you have submitted a work based on your consent with these rules for entry, the work will be immediately published within "SmileBASIC 4".

3. Even after a work has been published, if SmileBoom decides that there is an issue with the work, the company will take measures to stop publishing the work without prior notice.

How to enter the contest

Submit your work within "SmileBASIC 4".

From the main menu in "SmileBASIC 4 ," select "File Manager ," then move to the "Server Tab" and select "Apply for the contest." Finally, select "SmileBASIC 4 Oogiri World Grand Prix" and follow the on-screen instructions for submission.

Announcement of results

The final results will be announced in Late March 2021 to drop on the “SmileBASIC 4" official website.
The official "SmileBASIC" Twitter account (@smilebasic_com) will issue a notice when the results have been posted on the official website.

You will need to contact us if your work is selected for an award, so please check our official website and Twitter account for updates.

*The scheduled date for the announcement may change without notice depending on the number of submitted works or other circumstances.

Other details

We will not respond to questions regarding the evaluation of individual works.


Please send your inquiries in a message to the dedicated email inquiry address during the period given below. Please check the rules for entry thoroughly before sending your inquiry. We will not respond to inquiries via telephone, emails to addresses other than the one given below, postcards, direct messages on Twitter, or any other method.


Contact details:

SmileBASIC 4 Oogiri World Grand Prix Office, SmileBoom

Period for inquiries: December 24, 2020 to March 1, 2021 (JST)

*We will respond to inquiries during business hours on weekdays. We will not send responses outside of business hours or on company or national holidays.

*We will not respond to inquiries that are sent outside of the specified period.

*We will strive to respond to inquiries as quickly as possible, though it may take up to two days for us to send a response in some cases.


These rules were originally written in Japanese, then translated to English. If there is any discrepancy in the interpretation of the text between the Japanese and English versions, the Japanese version takes precedence.


We will not respond to any suggestions or requests regarding these rules. We kindly request your understanding in this regard.

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