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Let's play with programming.

Program games anywhere and everywhere with Nintendo Switch™!

"SmileBASIC 4" is a programming tool that allows you to create and play games with Nintendo Switch™.

Equipped with a programming language "SmileBASIC" that is easy for beginners, and there are many preset images and sound materials that can be used for making games!  Anyone can easily enjoy programming of games and tools that make full use of Nintendo Switch™ functions.


Moreover, you can upload your programs on the server to make them public.  You can also play other SmileBASIC users' programs by downloading them.  (As of January, 2020, more than 850 works have been uploaded to the server.  To use the upload function, a Server Ticket (sold separately) is required.)


From elementary school students who try programming for the first time to adults who are tired of the recent complex programming languages,

let's play with the program!

What's New

『プチコン4 SmileBASIC』プログラミングの準備【Nintendo Switch™】
『プチコン4 SmileBASIC』: "GIVERS P3D PETITCOM4 EDITION"(Bugtaro)【Nintendo Switch】
『プチコン4 SmileBASIC』公式ツール「GAHAKU」ご紹介【Nintendo Switch™】
『プチコン4 SmileBASIC』サーバーへ公開する作品のつくり方①【Nintendo Switch™】

Title: SmileBASIC 4

Release Date: May 23, 2019

Price: $29.99 / €26.99
   (including tax, with one Server Ticket)

No Nintendo Switch™ Online subscription required.

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